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Be Happier


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Creating new healthy and happy habits one step at a time

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November 4, 2019

Ready to start your be happier challenge?


The be happier challenge is a FREE 15-day challenge hosted by Fit Steph where every day we will complete a challenge that is going to help you create new habits to be healthier and happier.

All of our challenges are scientifically proven methods that will help you achieve success if you perform them.  I have taken other challenges by suggestions made by the most successful people in the world, I have read tons of books and there are few things that almost all of these successful people agreed on and I will teach you to implement them.

Every challenge will be supported by an article or video with full details of "why" that challenge and ways to do them. Challenge will be done on a private FB group with guidance of this girl right here and of course the support of all the challengers.

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Things We Are Going To Work With

In this challenge we are going to work with creating important core habits such as creating routines, meditation, journaling, etc.

We are going to learn how to shift mindset, find lessons not obstacles, detox our surroundings, electronics and social media.


We are also going to work with finding our why, our values, our qualities and learn when to delegate.


Your Happy Hormones

Because these babies are the ones responsible for our overall happiness I decided to dedicate a whole day to each one of these hormones.


This means that we are dedicating four entire days to working on our happy hormones.

Your happy hormones are:

- Serotonin

- Oxytocin

_ Dopamine

- Endorphin

What You'll Get

A New Challenge Every Day

A healthy Meal Plan Delivered Every Week

A workout Plan Also Delivered Every Week

Private Community Support

Videos & Blogs Resources

Complete your challenge for a change to win a surprise basket

Ready to start your be happier challenge?

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